Regarding the Presiding Bishopric Letter about Web Sites

A letter dated March 15, 2001, was circulated by the Presiding Bishopric of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to inform the various wards and units that locally-produced ward and organization web sites are to be discontinued. It is the understanding of LDS Mission Network that the intent of this letter is not to close down all personal LDS web sites, but to ensure that the presentation of The Church of Jesus Christ in the web sites of its various units and organizations is unified with one voice. The letter which does not apply to sites which are not sponsored or maintained by church units is explained in greater detail in the following Deseret News article:,1249,270008412,00.html

The affiliated sites of the LDS Mission Network have no official or unofficial affiliation with The Church of Jesus Christ. The sites provided are run by mission alumni for the primary purpose of allowing former missionaries of the various missions a means of reliving their mission experience and find the friends they knew from those times. These sites facilitate reunion organization and occasionally permit newly called missionaries the chance to learn a little bit about the missions that they will serve in. In no wise are our sites to be viewed as representing The Church of Jesus Christ or its missions in any official or unofficial capacity.

Accordingly, LDS Mission Network sites are not covered by this letter.

Nevertheless, it is in the interest of LDS Mission Network to ensure that visitors to our sites are not confused into thinking that they are visiting sites operated by The Church of Jesus Christ. Thus, the following standards are being adopted by LDS Mission Network, to be enforced on all affiliated sites as quickly as possible:

  • Any LDSMN sites bearing an image resembling or copied after the logo of The Church of Jesus Christ are asked to remove that logo.
  • All LDSMN sites must carry the following disclaimer: "This alumni site has no legal relation to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or its associated entities."
  • All LDSMN sites are required to drop self-descriptions containing the terms "official" and "unofficial".
  • All LDSMN sites must refer to themselves as "alumni web sites". Elliptical forms such as "the mission web site" are not allowed.

As members of the online community of Latter-day Saints, we hope that these actions will remove any confusion about the unique and positive role that LDS Mission Network sites have played since 1996.

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Neither this site ( nor any mission alumni page listed here has any legal relation to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or its associated entities.
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