LDSMN Administration

Chris Hardy
  System Engineer
  Echostar Communications Corporation
  Wife: Beginning to wonder if she was killed in the war in heaven..
  Cheyenne, Wyoming
Mission Served
  California San Bernardino (1993-95)
Formal Education
  Got an Associates ;)
Current Church Calling
  First Councilor in Young Single Adults

Chris started his stint with the LDS Mission Network in 1997, not long after returning from his mission. Working with Christian Nielsen and R. Craig Harman he soon became the primary Systems Administrator for

Since that time he has worked on recruiting a large part of the current Admin team, as well as coordinating efforts inbetween the three princples of the LDSMN (,, and working with Brandon Pulsipher and Micheal Cleverly respectivly.

Chris has been working the donation drive for new machines for, and it's sister site, upgrading the software and hardware on, doing development with both PERL and on the OpenACS project. Whatever spare time that is left is spent trying to find that special someone!

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