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Stay Connected
As a maintainer of an LDSMN Alumni site, you will be included in the maintainer group list. This email-based list will allow you to post questions, comments, or ask for help in keeping your Alumni site updated.

For Suggestions & Help
As a maintainer, you will be contacted periodically from Alumni, members, and other visitors (and LDSMN). Here are some suggestions to keep your site interesting:

 · Keep information fresh & relevant
 · Periodically update & change content
 · Ask for feedback from Alumni
 · Respond to feedback*

*Nothing kills your site more than by ignoring your feedback. One satisfied visitor will most likely tell one friend. One dis-satisfied visitor will tell at least 7 or more not to visit.

Notify LDSMN of Changes
If you cannot continue to maintain your Alumni site, please let LDSMN know immedately.

Contact us at

As a Maintainer...
"Don't create a page you don't plan to maintain. supports the ideal that each mission should have one central source for information and therefore only links to one page per mission.  So, if you are not maintaining your page, you are wasting the time of other alumni of your mission, who could be creating their own pages.

"Maintainers who lose interest or no longer have time to work on their page are asked to notify and to transfer their page to or so that the content is not lost while a new maintainer is being found for their site.

"Mission pages should not be transferred to people who did not serve in the mission, if it can be avoided.  Our experience has shown that, outside of direct relatives, most persons who did not serve in the mission lose interest very quickly in running the alumni pages, even if they live in the mission ( will however work in providing a temporary maintainer if needed)."

From LDSMN Standards

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