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News Item: I found the Missionaries

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I found the Missionaries 08 Oct 2006
Just to let everyone know that I am so happy that I found the Missionaries that baptized me almost 20 years ago in November. Elder James Duggan and Elder Stephen Hoyle. It was wonderful to have Bro. James Duggan and his sweet wife Vilma (who is also a return Missionarie) in our house for dinner. Also I was able to talk to Bro. Stephen Hoyle in the phone! It was wonderful to see that they both have happy families and do remember with joy their Mission days in Hialeah, Florida. What a great joy I feel now to let them know that our families persevere in the Gospel they taught to us and that we have two missionaries in our families. Thanks to this site I was able to find Elder Duggan and later Elder Hoyle. Thank you very much!
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