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We're glad you found us! We're here to help all who served under all Presidents in Sendai, reconnect with each other, with their Japanese roots and with the history and present-day status of the mission. Use us to help spread the word about your upcoming reunion or post/view pictures of past reunions. It's also a place to share mission pictures and stories.
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News from the Mission:

  • March 2014: Jeffrey R Smith called to be president of the mission effective 01 Jul 2014. Church News article will be posted here as soon as it is published.
  • March 2014: Two Sendai RMs called to be mission presidents in Philippines: Scott B. Clark (Angeles Mission) and Dennis V. Dahle (77-79)(Olongapo Mission)
  • Dec 2013: Missionaries allowed to Skype their parents for Christmas 'phone' call using members' or ward's PC
  • Dec 2013: Morioka meetinghouse elevator upgrade & building refurbishment complete - see Meetinghouses page
  • Nov 2013: President Rasmussen's Appeal for Senior Couples to Serve in Sendai Mission. Great opportunity to serve with your spouse in your own mission field!
  • Oct 2013: President Rasmussen reports that Sendai Mission headcount will surge to 150 young missionaries and 14 seniors by 2013 calendar year end, compared to 57 and 4 when they arrived in 2011.
  • May 2013: Mission border shift: Niigata returns to Tokyo Mission. This follows earlier news: Tokyo South (re)created.
  • Feb 2013: Check out this Japanese "I'm a Mormon" video
  • East Japan Great Earthquake Disaster 仙台RM Page 東日本大震災 (Higashi Nihon Daishinsai) - chronological updates and links posted as news comes in.
  • YouTube Videos: Arigato from Disaster Victims, LDS Newsroom Clip
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    President: Teruya
    Event Date: 03 Oct 2014
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    19 Apr 2014   Alumni: Ron Mortensen
    19 Apr 2014   Friend: Ron Mortensen
    16 Apr 2014   *Alumni: Curtis S. Gasser
    09 Apr 2014   Alumni: Barry Brooks
    30 Mar 2014   Alumni: Craig Alan Moore
    24 Mar 2014   *Alumni: Thomas Marlo Knowles
    22 Mar 2014   Current: Vanessa Hall
    09 Mar 2014   Reunion: 10-3-2014 - Salt Lake City, UT 84103 -- Todd Ogaard-Webmaster
    06 Mar 2014   *Alumni: Adam Van Dennison
    13 Feb 2014   Alumni: Philip Barton
    10 Feb 2014   *Alumni: Justin A. Frederick
    31 Jan 2014   *Alumni: Richard C Jacobsen
    31 Jan 2014   Alumni: Lee Raleigh Preston
    27 Jan 2014   *Alumni: Paul Huntsman
    05 Jan 2014   *Alumni: John Irby
    23 Dec 2013   Alumni: Joseph Wallingford
    01 Dec 2013   *Current: Tatsuto Usui
    01 Dec 2013   Alumni: Takako Usui (Uchihama)
    28 Nov 2013   *Alumni: Jami Bair (Memmott)
    28 Nov 2013   *Alumni: Stanley Allen Howell
    21 Nov 2013   Alumni: toshiro ohno
    21 Nov 2013   *Alumni: Fred l Stewart
    16 Nov 2013   Alumni: Jordan Clark
    13 Nov 2013   *Alumni: Mark L Searle
    11 Nov 2013   *Alumni: Robert Blood
    10 Nov 2013   News: Appeal-Senior Couples for Sendai-仙台伝道部で奉仕 -- Todd Ogaard-Webmaster
    03 Nov 2013   Alumni: Patricia Koleen Byington (May)
    13 Oct 2013   Alumni: Sho Oikawa
    06 Oct 2013   *Alumni: Drew Izatt
    04 Oct 2013   *Alumni: C. Stephen (Steve) Strong
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