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The Michigan Lansing Mission

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Pres. Horton - Mission Reunion 30 Mar 2014
Reunion of Missionaries with Pres Horton
July 1976-1979 Group

April 4 2014 7:00 - 9:00 pm
10124 S 1300 W
South Jordan, UT

RSVP Delores Horton
801 435-5928
Mark C. Woodbury Send Email
Christmas has a beautiful way of coming into our world and reminding us that God still hears, still loves, still sends His best to His people.
We wanted to wish all of our wonderful missionaries a very Merry Christmas this year. We do hope you are doing well.
We Love You,
President & Sister Church
Kenneth H. Church Send Email
SLY, Wherefore art thou? 14 Sep 2009
This is in answer to a question brought up some time ago (I just now read it, though).

A few months before I went home in June 1977, President Horton, at the advice of his APS (one of whome was Elder Sorensen, who actually made the announcement to those in attendance at a missionary meeting after the Bloomfield Hills Stake Conference), explained that we shouldn't use "Sure Love Ya'" automatically because "sometimes Elders were not sincere when they say it." I was infuriated, to say the least! Using it helped us to keep our associations at a higher level, reminding us to have love one for another. The missionaries who had grown used to using it continued using it, at least until I left; we just didn't say it as loudly or with as much gusto.

Hope this helps.
Patrick Milligan Send Email
2009 April Ruenion 13 Mar 2009
To all missionaries who served with President & Sister Church - our mission reunion will be held on April 3rd, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. The address is: 1355 E. 7200 So., Salt Lake City, UT. This is not the same building that we have held our other reunions at, but it is on the same street. Just continue to the very end of 7200 S. and the LDS chapel will be on your right. There will be refreshments and visiting. Please contact any missionary friends that you are in contact with, as I don't have e-mails for alot of them any more, and not sure how many are registered on this MLM site. Our turn-out last April was not very good, so we hope we get more of you there this year. It's up to you to help get the word out. Hope to see you on April 3rd.
We Love You,
President & Sister Church
Kenneth H. Church Send Email
looking for Elder Anthony Martin 08 Aug 2008
I am looking for an Elder who served in Muskegon, Michigan in 1983 named Anthony Martin. I would just like to see how life has been treating him! :)
Wendi Burns Send Email
info 27 Dec 2007
I was wondering if anyone had any contact information about Cindy Grandchamp (Portland), Jim Near, (around the Hart Area). also the Poppletons (senior couple that served in charleviox area) thanks
Jared Gale Send Email
info 27 Dec 2007
I was wondering if anyone had any contact information about Cindy Grandchamp (Portland), Jim Near, lisa McCann (both around the Hart Area, east jordan?). thanks
Jared Gale Send Email
Looking for a couple of Elders 16 Sep 2007
They might have served between 1990-1993 (I don't recall for certain) in the Mount Pleasant Ward.

One Elder is an Irish lad and another Elder always handed out candy dinosaur eggs to the children at church (and I was one of them hehe :-).

If anyone knows their name(s)... that's all I am wondering.

Thanks a million! :-)
Cheryl Hagen (Joy) Send Email
John Love from the Lemons family 08 Jul 2007
I am looking for a Elder, He served in the MLM around 30 yrs ago give or take a few yrs. He served in Battle Creek, his name is John Love, from Utah. His companion here in Battle Creek was Elder Hill. They use to come over to the Lemons family home for dinner alot. I have 2 brothers and a younger sister, Mike, Joey, and Beckie. I hope this sounds familiar to someone by that name.
Tammy Zanetti Send Email
Banks 22 Feb 2007
Any recommendations for banks to use in Michigan?
Jon Chollet Send Email