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Mission song 13 Jul 2004
It was fun to think about the old mission song again. It has not been over 13 years since I've sung it. I can remember how timidly I would swing my arm when I first entered the mission. By the time I went home I was "thrusting in my sickle" with gusto! Sorry I don't know the origins of the song but thanks for reminding me of a great memory from my mission!. Hope all are doing well!
Rich Watts Send Email
Mission Song 09 Jul 2004
From the text I've seen ,
"...With our hearts full of love
For the children of the Lord,
To the people of Michigan we've come;...")

I remember also . . .
"Up by six, out by nine, pray and study all the time, and the mission will keep rolling along . . ."
It goes to the melody of a military song - " . . . .and the casons go rolling along"
I can't remeber the title of the song.

I sounds like the Mission song that Pres. C. Russell pulled togather for the "New" Michigan Lansing Mission.
He served July 73 - July 1976
Mark C. Woodbury Send Email
Mission Song 09 Jul 2004
When I got into the mission field in September of 1974 that had been our mission song for less than a year. It was adopted while Russell Hanson was the Mission President, he was the only one that could play it on the piano.
Robert H. Smith Send Email
Mission Song 09 Jul 2004
I served between 88-90 and that was our song then, except President Barnes was the ONLY one who could play it on piano, which I always thought was funny.
Christopher Alan Brayton Send Email
Mission Song 30 Jun 2004
Just out of curiosity, are there any of the older alumni that could shed some light on the origin of the old mission song? (You know,
"...With our hearts full of love
For the children of the Lord,
To the people of Michigan we've come;...")
I would be interested to know how far back it goes, and where it came from.
Jacob William Douglas Send Email
Hello from Montana! 12 Jun 2004
Hey MLM. I love you. I miss Michigan but hope to visit soon. It was so good seeing my girls Maureen and Chrissy on here and my companion Miss Lindy Hall:)) I love you guys. The mission is an awesome and challenging adventure. It is an absolute beautiful thing as well. The friends you make are eternal. The love the exists among the missionaries of the MLM is indescribable. I love President and Sister Gardner very much. The love they have for the missionionaries emulates from their very beings. Thank you to all I served with and around for changing my life for the better forever:) I love you. Email me anytime:)
Rebecca Joy Stinespring Send Email
looking for Elder McCurdy 04 Jun 2004
Hello everyone!
I am looking for an Elder McCurdy that served in the MLM. I met him in November of 2001 in the Clare branch (now called Harrison).

I never took lessons from him, but 1.5 years later I was baptized. I always wanted to tell him the positive impact he had in my life.

If anyone could forward me contact information for him, I would appreciate it.

Thank you! Have a beautiful day! :)
Chrissy McKinnon - Nothstine Send Email
Reunion 04 Apr 2004
What a wonderful reunion we had, and would like to thank all that were there, for coming. It was so good to see you all and give you hugs again. We did miss all of those that weren't there, and so did those that you served with. Many felt like this was probably the best reunion we've had yet because of the mini zone conference that we had, and the Spirit felt in the meeting. We sure love you all. President & Sister Church
Kenneth H. Church Send Email
To Newly Called 28 Mar 2004
Hey Sean!
I'm guessing by MP you mean Mission President. It's President Gardner. He's great (well... from a non-missionary prospective at least). He really gets into his speaking... you'll soon find out what I mean. He has a strong testimony and a great family. His wife is wonderful. I go to the student ward, so like I said, I don't know what the missionaries think, but I love him. I went to play basketball with the sisters one monday, and he was there in shorts playing with the elders. He speaks with true conviction, and you can just feel the love he has for everyone... especially the missionaries. Hope that helps you out!!!! And just to add to the weather... prepare for extremes. It's crazy in michigan! It can be 60 one day, and the next day you will have over a foot of snow! The wind chill often drops near -40 in the winter (especially if you're in the north) and as mentioned, the humidity is terrible, and the temperature likes to hang out in the 90's during the summer. You'll love it here though!!!!! Hope that helped a bit.
Jenny Hinkle Send Email
to newly called Sean 24 Mar 2004
Granted, I was a Sister and not an Elder, but maybe this will help anyway...

1) climate
I was really worried about it being so incredibly hot all the time. I was in Charlotte (just south west of Lansing) summer of 2002, and Kalamazoo summer of 2003, so that's what I knew. It got into the 90's sometimes, but was usually in the 80's. It was hot, and you'll sweat, but for me it wasn't unbearable. The winter is pretty cold. Especially because of the wind. The wind chill is pretty bad. I had a good, long goose down coat and that was perfect. I definately recomend goose down if you can. The only part of me that was cold was wasn't covered by the coat. (hands, legs, etc.)

2) companions
I had great companions. I loved all of them, and I admit I have my favorites. My trainer was one of them. I prayed hard to be able to get to know and love my trainer, and now she is one of best friends. I know some people tell stories of how horrible companions and trainers are, and sometimes you do get really tough ones. But it's up to you how hard you're going to work at it to work things out. When he sees you're willing to do whatever it takes, he'll be much more likely to do his part. It's not so uncommon to like your trainer.

3) mp
I don't know what you mean by MP

4) realistic needs for clothing
The lower maintenance the better. Low wrinkle, stuff that breaths. For winter, layers work the best. You'll be warm, but if you get too warm, you can just take of a layer. Thermals really helped. You can find some that aren't very bulky, but warm.
5) bike or car???
Well, as a sister, I never had to ride a bike. I had a area where we had a full time car, and other areas where we had a part time car because we shared it with other elders. But you'll have limited miles to use each month. The BEST thing you can do, get rides from members. It gets them involved, which is hard but vital if you're going to succeed. They'll see the work firsthad and it will help inspire them. Plus they'll se it isn't as easy as they thought.

6) whatever you would like to add???
I loved Michigan so much! The members are just awesome, and they try to help. Help them understand their responsibilities and love and encourage them. About 1 of 1,000 doors you knock on will result in someone being baptized. About 1 in 10 member referrals will result in a baptism. Working with members is harder, but much more effective. You're going to love it. SO MUCH of it is attitude. If you have a good one, you'll work through anything. Other people can see it too and will be inspired by it. I hope some of this helps. Take care! Tell Michigan hello! And when you serve near or around sisters, love them too. :D

"Sister" Lindy Hall
Lindy Marie Hall Send Email