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OLD-What ever happened to...?

Whatever happened to Elders in 77-78's in Pamplona? - submitted by Milagros Rodriguez I am trying to contact the misionaries that taught Andres Rodriguez and Rosa Lopez in Pamplona. They had 3 children (Milagros, Susana and Roberto). Rosa got baptized. _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to James Gambrell? - submitted by James Hodges Does anyone have Gambrell's number or Email? _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Juan Carlos Naupari A. & Conchi Villalobos? - submitted by James Hodges Does anyone happen to have their phone number or Email address. Last I heard from them they were still in Valencia...anyone got anything on them? _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder Bobby Pruneda? - submitted by xx Does anyone know where he is now?!?! HELP!! _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to ANGEL (the ripped body builder in Cartagena)? - submitted by Bradley Burgoyne can anybody tell me about angel??? moltes gracies _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Monday Oviawe and Joe (Benson??) from CARTAGENA? - submitted by Bradley Burgoyne If anybody knows anything about monday oviawe and his buddy joe (who's last name i cant quite remember) in Cartagena, please let me know. monday is from nigeria and joe is from ghana. Thanks dude and dudettes. _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Mike Kammerman? - submitted by Laura Bain (lil ' mom) Universidad de Alicante February - June 2004. I know he is from Texas - he sure was a cowboy!! What a gentleman. Just want to know how he is? And.. to say I'm sorry, that he was right, and a good old natter is in order. We all lived in the blessed city of Alicante!! What a poop hole!! Going back there on the 27th Jan 2006 on a shopping weekend. Got a feeling I'm gonna get sentimental. _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to The Watsons? - submitted by Geri (Tanner) Chase The Watsons were an American couple with 2 little girls living in the Barcelona area. I believe they were in either the Cornella branch or L'Hospitalet. Does anyone know how to find them or where they are? One of the Cornella ward members is trying to track them down. Thanks! _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Eric Daniels? - submitted by Eric Bowlby Last time I saw Daniels he was playing hacky sac outside McDonalds on the Ramblas trying to earn money for lunch. What ever happened to that funny guy? He was in the mission from 93 to 95. _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder Maxwell (Daniel)???? - submitted by Montse Ortuño (Terrassa) Anybody heard from him?? Does anyone keep in contact with Daniel? I am trying to find him. Any information would be helpful...thanks. He served in Barcelona mission. _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder Maxwell (Daniel)???? - submitted by Montse Ortuño (Terrassa) Anybody heard from him?? Does anyone keep in contact with Daniel? I am trying to find him. Any information would be helpful...thanks. He served in Barcelona mission. _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder Maxwell (Daniel)???? - submitted by Montse Ortuño (Terrassa) Anybody heard from him?? Does anyone keep in contact with Daniel? I am trying to find him. Any information would be helpful...thanks. He served in Barcelona mission. _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Diego Gettler, Mike Wynder, Travis Evenson? - submitted by Ryan Cooper Las cobayas de perdicion! _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to elder kimbal larsen? - submitted by martinez last time i saw him he was serving in valencia, after leaving elche.....i will like to know if someone has heard of him • He is married and has two kids and another one on the way. He just moved to Washington State and is working as a dentist out there somewhere. Last time I knew his email address was - submitted by Jeremey Hatt • Elder Hatt is right. His e-mail address is: I´m in touch with him (he and Elder Sanchez baptised me) and he still miss barcelona mission! - submitted by Ramón Campos _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Carolina Vera (Elche)? - submitted by orts Me gustaria saber si alguien sabe como puedo contactar con Carolina Vera de Elche, q ahora vive en UK. Grancias. Does anyone know where Carolina Vera from Elche is? I know she lives in the UK now. Thanks. • hi, my name is lucia and i´m carolinas friend since we were kids.i can get u in touch with her just tell me who you are . - submitted by lucia martinez _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Dayana Marvez Sesmero (Valencia-Madrid)? - submitted by Orts Me gustaria saber si alguien sabe algo d Dayana Marvez de Valencia, lo ultimo q se es q hizo la mision en USA y la familia se mudo a Madrid. Gracias. Was wondering if anyone knows anything about Dayana Marvez from Valencia. Last time I heard from her she was doing the mission in Salt Lake temple Sq, and that they had moved to Madrid. Thanks. _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Hna. Salguero? - submitted by Sandra Mendez I got a letter from her a while back but have lost contact with her. Plese let me know any info. you have on her. Thanks, • perdon! la hna. Guillin no Guillen - submitted by sandra mendez • I am looking for her address as well. I have sent her many letters to an address in Madrid and not one of them has been answered. I would love to know what she is doing and how she is. - submitted by Abby Etherington _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Hna. Guillen? - submitted by Sandra Mendez I am trying to find out where she is and her phone number or email. PLEASE help me ASAP. Thanks, • hi, you looking for maria jose guillen or marisol guillen , i heve there number , write me and give me your and will make sure she get it - submitted by lucia martinez _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder Carlston? - submitted by Scott Fitzgerald I was in Benidorm just a few weeks ago and met with an old investigator (now member!) who would like to get a hold of him. Please email me if you know anything about him. _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder ;Monroy? - submitted by Miguel Me gustaría que me mandaran el email del presidente Jesse James Judd, fue mi presidente y no encuentro su dirección. Gracias _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to elder hall de oregon? - submitted by manoli ramos necesito contactar con el elder hall de oregon que sirvio en catarroja entre años 94-98, no recuerdo bien si alguien sabe algo help me please!!! _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Sonica and Carlos from Valencia II? - submitted by Stephanie Bailey I left the mission in April 2002. I saw her before I left and have lost contact with them. She is from South Africa and he is a Spaniard. Please Help!! _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Los Sanchez y Nadal de Cartagena I? - submitted by Jeff Parkes I've been trying to get ahold of these two families for awhile now, but the emails they gave me before I left apparently are no good. Anyone know how to get ahold of them, or at least how they're doing? He intentado contactarles, pero no han respondido a mis emails. ¿Alguien sabe como contactarles, or por lo menos cómo están? _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to elder eggertsen, hammond, anderson, terry, kempt? - submitted by patri catarroja sirvieron en catarroja año 1994-1996y nunca mas supe de ellos, alguien sabe algo? _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to David Robinson? - submitted by Francisco Javier Sanchez Galian Este elder termino su mision en Cartagena en el 96. El me dio las charlas y nunca mas volvi a saber nada de el aunque he intentado ponerme en contacto con el varias veces. Os agradeceria que me dieseis alguna informacion sobre el. • He averaged over 21 points and over 10 rebounds per game for the San Antonio Spurs during his stellar career. I haven't seen him since he retired a few years ago. - submitted by Champion _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to jake fuller? - submitted by elder where is that monkey Elder Fuller • I think he is somewhere in provo - submitted by elder s • i think he is somewhere in provo - submitted by elder • Yeah, He is doing great and lives in provo. - submitted by marola _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elizabet (Eli) Jimenez Tamayo? - submitted by Michale V. Connell Does anyone know if Eli still lives in Reus or not? If not in Reus does anyone know where she is living? She was a recent convert in the Reus area in late 1990. Does anyone have any contact information for her? Todavia vive Eli in Reus? Hay alguien que sabe su direcion, correo electronico, o telefono? Ella fue converto in Reus en el otono de 1990. • Yo creo que si. Durante la navidad de 2003 yo llame a ella y su marido, Dani. Estan semi-activos desde la rama de Reus se fue a Trarragona para asistir en las reuniones de la iglesia. Tengo en un lugar su numero de mobil, pero no lo se por seguro. Si quieres que lo busque, enviame un e-mail. Gracias. - submitted by Jason Reese _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Juanny Martinez? - submitted by Michael V. Connell Does Juanny Martinez still live in Gandia or close buy? Does anyone have an address, phone number, or e-mail for her? Vive en Gandia Juanny Martinez todavia, or en algun sitio cercana? Alguien tiene su direcion, telefono, o direcion de correo electronico? • It\'s been awhile, but I saw Juanny Martinez at the Madrid Temple in August of 2001. She was a temple worker, doing awesome and she had as much animo as ever! At that point, I know that she was still living in Gandia and still had her pelo shop on the corner, just down from the train station. Near the old missionaries apt. If you do see her please tell her \"hello\" from me. - submitted by Joe Pawloski • Hola, yo conozco a Juani Martinez casada con Francisco de Haro. Vivio en Gandia y hace ya mucho tiempo que se mudo a cartagena. Si es la misma juani dimelo y se lo digo a ella para darte su direccion. - submitted by Francisco Javier _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Antonia Gil? - submitted by Michael V. Connell Todavia vive la Hermana Antonia Gil en Badalona? Ella era un miembro muy simpatico cuando you servi en Badalona en la primavera de 1989. Voy a estar in Barcelona en Agosto de este ano--2005, y me gustaria visitarla si todavia vive en la area or algun lugar cerca. • She was still in Badalona when I was there in 1997. I hope you got to see her. - submitted by Alan Last _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Antonia Gil? - submitted by Michael V. Connell Does Hermana Gil stil live in Badalona? I last saw her when I was serving in Badalona in 1989. I will be returning to Spain for a few days and would like to touch bases with her and her family while there if they are still around. • I left badalona in 2001, I know it was a long time ago, but she was still there. They were fixing up a house. She didn't attend church very often, but had the missionaries over to eat a lot. Wonderful lady!!! - submitted by Stephanie Bailey _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Marcela Giraldo Cardona? - submitted by Becca Wareham She was living in Alicante last I knew, baptized with her kids about a year ago. Does anyone have any contact information on her? _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Casey Miller? - submitted by Ron Meacham He's eluded me again...the guy's worse than The Saint!! • I know his parents; I'll refer him - submitted by Nate Stoker _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder Jacobs? - submitted by Ron Meacham We served together in Elche, but I never saw or heard from him after the mission; I believe he's from Wisconsin. • Are you still in Spain Ron? I haven't heard anything about Jacobs either. The number I had was disconnected or out of service, because it rang and then cut itself off. - submitted by Steven Furse • Hey Fursy!!! No, we left Spain two years ago, and are living fat and sassy in California. How are things with you? Feel free to drop us an e-mail and keep in touch. I'm sorry to hear you lost contact with Jacobs. I miss that guy! - submitted by Ron Meacham _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Jesus Puig of Gandia? - submitted by Jai Crespo Does anybody have his address? my neices ate it! • I have all their information, but I was there in 2000, so hopefully it is current still. I will email it to you. - submitted by Steven Furse _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder Jaquinot? - submitted by Steve Kooyman Anybody know anything? • Se caso con una chica que es miembro de la iglesia si me acuerdo bien. Se fueron a visitar a Andorra y creo que la Miriea se puso celosa. ;) Oia que iba a asistir a la universidad pero no se nada mas - submitted by Steven Furse _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Joshua Nielson, Jacob Unguren (o-town), Jordi Consarnau de Tarragona, Joey Turner,The man Degriselles from Big Bear, Eric Swensen? - submitted by Steve Kooyman Anybody tell me anything that would be awesome, I know Joshua Nielson got married but nothing else. All the rest of these fine gentlemen, I have no clue! Thanks • Swensen got married and is attending medical school. Unguren pops in and out around here, and I think Turner is still beating up the Gamberos in the Rambla at Tarragona! - submitted by J. Reese • What up Reese? How ya been? I talked to Turner awhile back and he was working at the new Gold's Gym down in American Fork I believe. He married a pretty lady from his back home in New York. She practically propsed to him because they were good friends and were always talking to each other about their woes of broken hearts, and she suggested that they should just get together. He was REALLY trimmed up, in good shape, and big and muscly. - submitted by Steven Furse • Hey, what's up? I can't believe that you still know how to spell my last name but forgot my first:) I don't have much information about the other guys but I'm doing well in San Jose California. I've been married for 3 years and we're expecting a little baby boy. Things are going well. I hardly ever check this site though and have no idea how long ago you posted this. Sometimes you have those longs nights though when your mind can take a step back and all you can do is laugh and check this page out. Anyway, if anybody needs my information, drop me an email. I try to answer them. God bless everyone. - submitted by Thom DeGriselles • 01/20/2006 I've been married for 3 years. We have a 1 yr. old little girl named Ethnee. We love her lots! She is a happy baby. I'm actually attending MEDICAL school in Kansas City, MO. Check it out if your interested. It's a D.O. school. Life is good, and I can't complain. Take care everyone. - submitted by Eric N. Swensen _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder Bowen?(D. Yale)? - submitted by Yale Bowen I just found this site, and thought I'd TRY to be funny! Anyway, if anyone still reads messages on this site, hit me up. • D. Yale! Where you at? Missin' those Andorra days. - submitted by Ryan Cooper • I'm up in the most beautiful state in the union, Alaska, my home. I'm going to be working through the summer til the fall, and then I'm going to fly to Argentina and drive home. What are you up to Ryan? - submitted by Yale Bowen • You Sucka Fish! I'm gonna punch you in the face. - submitted by Kyle • Did I leave my cool flashlight with a tool box in your Explorer? What's up homey? Long time no call. Give me a jingle when you make it back to Idaho or Utah. I got married in late April to a gal named Maria from Venezuela. Hit me back playa! - submitted by Steven Furse • I'm starting a Ph.D program in Economics at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Married, no kids. Things is good. - submitted by Ryan Cooper • Was' up Yale. Good to hear your back in Alaska. Probably the only state that coud really handle you. I could have guessed that Ryan would end up doing a PhD in something. He's just too smart, in a good way. Anyway, have fun in Alaska:) - submitted by Thom DeGriselles _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder Jared Lucas? - submitted by Pete Haven't heard from Lucas in a while. He served from 1996-1998. _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder Jared Lucas? - submitted by Pete Haven't heard from Lucas in a while. He served from 1996-1998. _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Stuart Hartley (from Andorra)? - submitted by Ryan Cooper It's been a while since I was in touch with him and wondered if any of the recently-returneds knew how I could get a hold of him. _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to elder Da Costa ? - submitted by Monica Blanco la ultima de vez que le vi fue cuando yo sali de la mision, estuvimos en contacto un tiempo pero al final lo perdi si alguien sabe algo de el. porfi decirmelo. • estuve hasblando con elder da costa hace unas semanas atras se que se caso y esta feliz - submitted by jeronimo _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to craig Van woerkom? - submitted by sayonara caicedo Desde 1995 que no se nada de Craig , vino de visita en ese año a barcelona. Alguien me podria decir si sabe algo de el? se lo agradeceria .Toda mi familia lo recordamos mucho. _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Sonia Martin? - submitted by Melanie Johnson (Hermana Wood) She was a member in Barca when I served there in 95-96. She later served a mission in Las Palmas, I think. I would love to get in touch with her. • Siento dar malas noticias, pero si es la chica que pienso, tuvo un accidente hace unos anos y murio. - submitted by Marta Rovira • Efectivamente, Sonia Martin fallecio hace unos anos en un accidente en USA cuando estaba a punto de empezar sus estudios en la universidad. Sirvio una buena mision en Canarias. Mi companera y yo la ensenamos. Era una chica encantadora y ya antes de bautizarse era una buena miembro con un gran corazon. - submitted by Milagros Rodriguez _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Mike Morgan, Jeff Parkes, Josh Ammons, Alan Sharp, James Higley? - submitted by Jesse burgon HEY I JUST WANT TO KNOW IF THESE GOOD OL BOYS ARE STILL ALIVE. I KNOW ITS ALOT OF NAMES BUT THATS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE WIFE THROUGHS OUT THE MISSION JOURNAL. • Elder Morgan is married. Living in Salt Lake area. Elder Parkes is at BYU-Idaho. Elder Ammons is running around BYU-Provo somewhere. - submitted by Tracie Bartholomew • I'm in freezing cold Rexburg, although in the fall I'll be in Provo. I've still got your old picture frame too! That's what happens when you don't have a wife yet! - submitted by Jeff Parkes _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder Maxwell (Daniel)???? - submitted by Montse Ortuño (Terrassa) Anybody heard from him?? Does anyone keep in contact with Daniel? I am trying to find him. Any information would be helpful...thanks. He served in Barcelona mission. _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder Carlson? - submitted by Jeremey Hatt Anyone know where Elder Carlson that served in Elche in the summer of 1997 is? I haven't heard anything from him or seen him since the mission. _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to craig VanWoerkem? - submitted by Larry Murphy Any VanWoerkem sightings? last I heard he was at SUU. Any info would be appreciated. • Craig VanWoerkom is my brother-in-law. He married my sister in February 2000. He has two children (2 year old boy and a 4-month old baby girl.) Working as an optometrist in Southern California. I just recently returned home (3 weeks ago) from the Spain Barcelona mission too! - submitted by Janna McFerson _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder Stephen Gee? - submitted by Bryan Freeman Elder Gee and I served in Valencia and he was my ZL with Elder Johnson. I'm curious where he is and what's up with him. _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Amor Yagüez ? - submitted by Elisabeth Pintar (Whaley) Does anyone have an address for Amor? She & her family lived in Murcia, moved to Prove in '96 and then moved back to Murcia in '97/98. Amor served a mission to Oakland '97, lived in Springville, UT till the end of '99 when she moved back to Murcia. Her step-father, Vincente, was the Branch President in '94 (no longer married to Eva), and she had 4 siblings (her oldest sister lives in the states). I would love to have any contact information for her. Thanks! -Elisabeth • I have contacted her - She is happily married and living inSan Pedro Del Pinata, studying and going to the University. - submitted by Elisabeth Pintar _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to bryan birtcher?? - submitted by anonymous He was in Spain 90-91...I had a major crush on him. (p.s. I am a girl.) • Bryan Birtcher - makes me smile when I think about how he spoke Spanish with the thickest American accent :) Haven't a clue what happened to him, though. - submitted by Heather _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to All FARO missionaries 1997--2000? - submitted by Hermana Mask Hope to see as many as possible at the Oct '04 reunion. (See "Reunions" on this site for details!) We wont be near as disjointed as we were last time. Way too many thnigs going on. Would love to see everyone who can make it!! • Just got married in April. Is there any plans on a reunion with you and Presidente this year Hermana Mask????? - submitted by Steven Furse • Heidi is my wife since Dec. 30, 2000; I sell cell phones for Sprint, looking for pharmaceutical sales position; Heidi & I have 2 boys (Ethan-3 1/2, Christian-2) and another boy on the way in Sept.; living in Lubbock, TX; serving in YM Prez.; graduated from Texas Tech in May 2004-degree in Spanish. Os quiero! Jonathan Malley - submitted by Jonathan Malley • I am finishing my studies as a Physician Assistant through the military. Married for almost 5 years now. Adopted a little girl and now we are expecting another. Currently in Colorado Springs, but will be moving home - Rexburg, ID shortly. Barcelona Spain mission - 98 to 2000 - submitted by Zach Brunson • I am finishing my studies as a Physician Assistant through the military. Married for almost 5 years now. Adopted a little girl and now we are expecting another. Currently in Colorado Springs, but will be moving home - Rexburg, ID shortly. Barcelona Spain mission - 98 to 2000 - submitted by Zach Brunson _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Denise DeLaMare? - submitted by Linda Espinoza Edmonds Just sent my daughter, Joanne Denise, back to BYU for her Sophomore year and was wondering where her namesake is? _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Betty Christiansen and Desiree Twitchell? - submitted by Linda Espinoza Edmonds Great trainers! Wondering where they are today? _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elizabeth and Elia Zapata from Zaragoza? - submitted by Bryce McBride Great family baptized in Zaragoza in around 1997. They were from Honduras. Elizabeth, mother of Estrella and Valentin, and Elia was Elizabeth's grandmother. Last I heard, around 1999, they were considering moving back to Honduras... Please let me know if anyone knows any info about this family. Thank you. • I came back to Zaragoza in 1997, and I never heard about them. They moved away for sure - submitted by Miguel Sala _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Spencer Alisson? - submitted by Bryce McBride Haven't heard a thing from him since the mission. Was my senior companion in Zaragoza. Was from La Plata, Missouri if I recall correctly. Would love to know how to contact him... _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder Larry Holt? - submitted by Bryan Freeman Elder Holt was my DL and had Richard Whitaker as his companion. Did he ever fufill his Nascar Dreams? _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to copisteria girl in Gerona? - submitted by aug What happened with this wonderful copisteria girl in Gerona? _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to summers? - submitted by aug I have to contact Cory summers. Help me • That hes a slacker and doesn't answer anyone... - submitted by Jesse Burgon _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to heck? - submitted by augustin Does anybody know something about Josh Heck • Hey monkeys, I'm now married to my wife courtney(shes hot) and living in Provo, Ut. I'm studying criminal justice so that I can get into the FBI or DEA and go arrest that pepe lepue in france known as Agustin Yonnet! Hope everyone is doing well. My home phone # is (801)373-3170 Address 112 s 600 w provo, Ut 84601 - submitted by Josh Heck _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to David Gracia? - submitted by Rod I'm refering to the member in Benimamet/CastelIon that was a great friend to all the missionaries that passed his way. Anyways, I read (here) that good ol' David passed away and was curious to see if anyone else has more info on him. Please let us know if you have any info. I loved that guy to death! • I would love to know too if you heard anything. Thanks - submitted by Todd Henrichsen • I have some information about David. I was the first one to know by his father. If you would like some more information, I would be happy to give it. Just contact me. Andy - submitted by Andrew Bishop • I have bad news. I served in Castellon in '03, and David died shortly after that. His family took it really hard, his dad kept talking to me on the IM because he missed David. - submitted by Elder Juarez _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to summers? - submitted by yonnet What the HECK is that. Does anybody know something about this freaking Joshua Heck • I have is number in CA if you want it. - submitted by Katy Perry _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder McCoy? - submitted by Kyle Gardner I heard his GF actually waited and they tied the knot. Does anyone know where he is now of how to get a hold of him? • I wish I knew what happened to that crumb... He totally disappeared as far as I know! - submitted by Unguren _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to John Wiseman? - submitted by Bradley Mills I last saw him at BYU in 1987. He married a co-ed named Fronda. He was from Freemont, CA. Does anyone know where he is now? • I grew up with the Wisemans. I think he is in Texas and has several kids. I can call his mom and get the info if you want it. - submitted by Melanie Johnson _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Brad Buxton? - submitted by Phillip Larson Elder Buxton was my trainer in Badalona in 1986. I last saw him in Provo around 1989. I would love to get in contact with him. • I saw him around the same time. It seems he was a) either translated or b) simply vanished. I'd like to think it was the first. Any body know whenre in the world is Brad Buxton? I'd like to hear from him too. - submitted by BRYAN FREEMAN _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder Garret? - submitted by Phill Emery Never knew his first name. But I loved him. Now that I am in Seattle I want to know if he's still around. • Hey Elder Emery. I know his family is in Sunnyside, WA, or they used to be. It's in Eastern WA. You know he got married a long time ago. We aren't in touch, but I remember that is where he was from. I am in Puyallup, where are you? - submitted by Rebecca Hamm Pierce _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Presidente Larsen? - submitted by Shannon and Mercedes Strickland I've searched the Web but can't find him. Any ideas? • Presidente Larsen sold his pharmacies in the Rio Grande Valley and retired to Sister Larsen's old homestead in Joseph, Utah, just a few miles from his hometown of Monroe. They bought and refurbished the house Sister Larsen was born in. However, they have served several other missions. Presidente Larsen was president of the Brazil MTC twice and served in some official church capacity for the Iberian Peninsula (thought I don't know what it was). Last I heard, they were back in Joseph, retired and enjoying life. - submitted by Paul Husselbee • No se nada tampoco y me gustaria saber de ellos, hace tiempo que pregunto pero nadie sabe nada, algun alma caritativa, gracias, chau. - submitted by hna. luengo _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder Young? - submitted by Sterling Juarez I haven't heard of him since he left the mission, and he's not on the alumni list, I'd like to contact him... • Yo me casé con Élder Young y ahora vivimos felices en American Fork (Utah). Si quiere estar en contacto con nosotros, escriba e-mails a Gracias. - submitted by María García _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder Jesse Burgon? - submitted by Jai Crespo Whatever happened to that hobo formerly known as the artist prince? Send me any info you have • HEY JAI HOW THE HECK ARE YOU IM STILL ALIVE AND KICKING. I GOT HOME ABOUT 8 MONTHS AGO AND DOING THE OL LIFE THING. HOW ARE YOU WRITE BACK REAL SOON OR CALL 1801-785-4175 I LOVE YOU MAN!!!!! - submitted by JESSE BURGON _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Whatever happened to:Rebecca Wetzel,Hna Kammerman, Hna McKay, Hna Palmer, Hna Young, Hna Allred, Hna Rothlisberger,Hna Blasi Sanchez, Hna Maria Jose Sanchez,Hna Guerra?? - submitted by Remie Zonneveld- Perez. they were all my companions during my mission in 1984-85, I hope that I will hear something about you girls...... _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Timoteo y scott? - submitted by Tere Marcelino Me gustaria mucho saber de vosotros,pues mi madre Isabel esta muy enferma y se acuerda siempre de vosotros, y, el tiempo que estuvisteis de mision en HUELVA. Si veis esto porfavor poneos en contacto _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to The gamberos in Tarragona? - submitted by Jacob Unguren What happened to the kids that Elder Joey Turner beat up on the Rambla Nova in Tarragona in October 2000? They never showed up to the rematch! • Yea, I think thoes Elder\'s in Reus had something to do with it! - submitted by J. Reese • They knew that Furse el fuerte was there and they didn't want a piece of us anymore. I got there 2 weeks after it happened unguren, remember? Turner and I thought that we saw them a few times, but we never could get close enough to see in time. Call me 390-6040 - submitted by Steve Furse _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Hermana Antonia Navas? - submitted by Hermana Ockey (SherryJensen) She served with me in Castellon de la plana Chrismas 1980 _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Hna Carrie Hinckley? - submitted by Elder Roger Turley Does anyone have her contact information? • Sorry. I mean Carry Inkley. - submitted by Roger Turley _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Camy McCready? - submitted by Beth Dockrill I know she got married but she has not signed up to the Alumni List, does anyone have her email??? _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to TODOS LOS MISIONEROS DE MALLORCA? - submitted by RONALD ESCOBAR Antes puse apartir del 2002 pero esta equivocado quise decir desde el año 2000, los iento gracias..RONALD • Pues, soy uno de ellos. ¿Que tal, Ronald? - submitted by Jeff Parkes • Hola, Ronald! Acabo de ver tu noticia--yo estaba en Palma cuando te bautizaste, y espero que todo este bien. Ahora estoy en Utah y me case hace dos meses. Termino mis estudios en Abril. - submitted by Scott Fitzgerald • Que tal ronald. que hay de nuevo. you estoy en utah pero tengo planes a visitar espana este verano. escribeme y hblaremos - submitted by Glen Chunat • ¡que quejon! era broma. bueno, ya sabes cómo encontrarme, chico. espero que todo siga muuuy bien en *mi* isla. :) - submitted by dan clayton • ronald que tal amigo? mandame un e-mail y respondere. - submitted by brandt berntson • Ya tienes mi direccion jovencito, enviame algo! Cuando te vas a la mision? - submitted by David Kimsey • Todavia estoy aqu Ronaldino. :) Hace mucho no..? Pues, mandame un email. - submitted by Tyler Shaw • Que tio mas tio, ronald. Como va la marcha eres un bailarino - submitted by clint Blackham _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to elderes daniel,chunat,nielsen,parks,mangum,...? - submitted by ronald escobar hola solo quisiera comunicarme con los misioneros que sirvieron en Palma de Mallorca a partir del año 2002 para adelante solo quiero comunicarles el progreso de la iglesia en la isla, espero respuestas de todos ok?' RONALD • I am not one of those elders, but I served there many moons ago, and would be interested in the progress of the church and member there. I am especially interested in the family of Yeray. (What an embarassment that I have forgotten the names of the rest of them.) Anyway, if you know what they are up to and if they have an e-mail address, that would be great. - submitted by Floyd Millet • Floyd, sin verguenza!! How can you forget about Victoria and Lorena and that whole family. They fed us every week!! I think we had the greatest district Palma ever had. I would also like to get Victoria Labrador's address because I'm coming back this year. - submitted by Jeff Barlow • Ronald, Que tal? Estuve alli con los elderes Millward, parkes, mangum ... he escuchado que Mallorca ya es un distrito, y que hay dos ramas. es increible lo que ha pasado. para que sepas, me case con una peruana. es la mujer de mi vida. espero que todo te vaya bien. - submitted by Jake Nilsen _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Juan Jose Casada Garcia? - submitted by Jared Jeffrey Does anyone know what happen to this member? He was baptized in Palma de Mallorca in about May of 1992. Does anyone have any information at all? _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder Watkins, my friend? - submitted by Bobby Pruneda Dude just let me know if he is alive and still very much positive and happy!!!! • watkins is from my home town. the last i saw him was a year ago. i know he got married and i think he is still at byu idaho going through the rotc program. - submitted by elder brunson • Hey Bobby, I can confirm that he is still in Rexburg. I can get a hold of his info if you need it. - submitted by Rebecca "Hamm" Pierce _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Jeremy Michael Moore? - submitted by Mike Sala Anybody heard from him? He served by November 92 in Tarragona. The others were: Richardson, Loforte... Nice team. • I'm in Salt Lake City. Haven't heard from any of the others. Sure miss Tarragona and the rest of Spain. - submitted by Steven LoForte • LaForte...good to see your name. I wonder if anyone has heard about Hawkins, Richardson, and Empey. I live in Seattle...please drop me an email if you would like. Thanks - submitted by Todd (Elder) Henrichsen (Enrique • He owns a construction company in SLC, Moore Construction. - submitted by Elder Jones _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder Dan Milton? - submitted by Coach Peterman It has been ages since I have seen my friend Daniel Milton(2001-2003). I would really like to get in contact with this faithful homey, so if any of you have any contact information, or info regarding his wherabouts, please help me. • I recieved an email from him about a month and a half ago. He's in North Carolina working to go back out to Utah. - submitted by Dennis Sanford • I actually heard that he got his old job back at the BYU bowling alley, and that they banned him from sitting on the front counter to prevent any further injuries - submitted by Hector Villanova • he married la hermana leckie the end of june:) - submitted by brittany • He had a kid, he ishappy - submitted by David Quiñones • We're brothers, and he's in North Carolina with our parents, his wife, and his little boy Jeffrey. Right now, he's working for the school district as a spanish teacher - looking to go to law school next fall. His e-mail is - submitted by David Milton _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to elder Edington? - submitted by hermana rocio vazquez bueno es alto castaño, y muy bueno, sirvio BARCELONA en el 1997. Cuentenme algo de el Gracias. _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to elder Edington? - submitted by hermana rocio vazquez bueno es alto castaño, y muy bueno, sirvio BARCELONA en el 1997. Cuentenme algo de el Gracias. _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to elder Edington? - submitted by hermana rocio vazquez bueno es alto castaño, y muy bueno, sirvio BARCELONA en el 1997. Cuentenme algo de el Gracias. _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to hermana virgina gonzalez? - submitted by hermana rocio vazquez es mejicana muy simpatica, vivia en California , por favor contadme algo de ella, sirvio en Barcelona en el 1997. Gracias amigos _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to elder claudio hand? - submitted by hermana rocio vazquez Sirvio en la mision de Barcelona, el es mejicano muy alto y muy simpatico, si alguien le vio por favor me lo comunique gracias _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Brian Banner? - submitted by David Sanchez Elder Banner was a great missionary and a friend to me. It is been years since I heard from him and I would really like to know from him. If anybody can tell me something I would appreciate it. Thank you • I was Brian's Bishop when he was called to Spain in 1992.Ijust happened to have a personal interest in Spain as I served my Mission there from 73-75 and had most of my success in Barca. Brian is married with two children living in Irvine/Newport Beach Ca. working in the law firm of his father-in-law.He is one of my oldest son's best friends so if you wantmore info, I can hook you up. His brother Mike is also one of my son's (Ryan) best friends. They both live in Las Vegas and work selling new homes for Pulte Homes. Send me an E-mail and I'll fix you up with phone#s etc - submitted by Gary Vaughn • Aqui estoy. I actually just emailed you yesterday 5/13/04. Hopefully you got my email. If not email man. - submitted by Brian Banner _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder Brennon Fueling? - submitted by Elder Davies Last saw Fueling in Zaragoza in summer of 1991 when we were companions. he was going to marry a girl he met in Gandia, Chelo Ferrer. But it didn't happen. She served a mission at Temple Square in the mid-90\'s. I heard Fueling became a Seminary teacher. Is that true? Anyone seen him around? • He probably died in a fiery motorcycle accident burning up Little Cottonwood Canyon on his Ninja at 120 mph!!! Hee hee hee - submitted by Sees thru Fuelings Veil _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder Chudleigh?? - submitted by Tyler Wharton Last time I saw him, he was engaged and was keeping stats for the BYU Mens Volleyball team. That's been at least two years. • He married my cousin and is in dental school at Temple in Philly. - submitted by Ryan Cooper _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder Tim Turner, Elder Kevin M. Ross,Elder Stakebake Y todos aquellos que sirvieron en la mision de Barcelona durante los años 1987 a 89.? - submitted by Elder Fco. Javier Gomez(de Cadiz) En los juegos olimpicos de Barcelona pude ver a Tim Turner, pero desde entonces no supe nada mas de 'el, si alguien tiene alguna informacion por favor que me escriba. Actualmente vivo en Logroño (mision de Bilbao) . Me case y tengo dos Hijos. Me gustaria saber como os va la vida. ¿Sabeis algo de Elder Terry Reynold? • I am still alive! I am working on my PhD at the University of Utah in biomechanics of locomotion/functional morphology (biology). I also teach human biology and human anatomy at Weber State University in Ogden, UT. I am married, and have four little boys! Eric Stakebake (1/88-12/89) - submitted by Eric Stakebake • got married 10 months after mission moved to utah now live in clinton was in spain 87 to 89 - submitted by paul cunningham • hola soy sergio santana, y servi en el año 1986 al1988 estoy casado y tengo tres hijos un saludo a todos. - submitted by Sergio santana _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to elder craig vanwoerkom? - submitted by sayonara caicedo sirvio en los años 1990-1992 aprox. estuvo en sabadell,me gustaria saber que ha sido de el.Desde 1995 que no se nada. • Sayonara, como estamos? Que tal la familia? Mucho ha pasado desde que hablabamos. Todavia esta in Barbera? Yo estoy in Pasadena, California. Me case in Febrero de 2000 y tengo 1 hijo de 3 anos y una hija de 6 meses. Tengo que enviarte fotos. Enviame tu e-mail. - submitted by Craig Van Woerkom _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Dean Derhak? - submitted by Joe Pawloski Looking for Dean Derhak - haven't seen him for he was my ZL in Gandia and a good guy! Anybody know what happened to him? • I took a spanish class with him in 1998. I went to dinner at his house and met his kids and wife, somewhere in the Jordan area or West Valley area in SLC. They were doing well back then. - submitted by Jennifer Anderson (formerly Funk) _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Angie Richardson? - submitted by Melanie Day Does anyone keep in contact with Angie? I am trying to find her. Any information would be helpful...thanks. • hermana soy rocio de Jerez, Cadiz. Hermana esta muy bien es pta. en la S.S. se fue a Virginia a trabajar y alli dejo de escribir pero hace unos meses me escribio disculpandose, pues no esta casada pero sigue con Fe. Te quiero. - submitted by Hermana Vazquez _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to elder daniel? - submitted by bradley burgoyne does anybody know my hijo elder daniel's email address or anything? thanks. later kiddees. • I just so happen to know that kid and his e-mail. - submitted by Ben _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder Michael Leavitt? - submitted by Brian Williams He served from 1998-2000. . .I am aware that Stevenson is looking for him too. Maybe two inquiries will push the issue. • The great Elder Leavitt was my trainer, and I would love to hear from the guy as well. - submitted by Scott Fitzgerald _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder Leavitt? - submitted by Aaron Stevenson The guy vanished after the mission, anyone know anything. • mirale el que gracioso, y la pregunta es que es de tu vida? llevo meses buscandote y lo unico que se es que te casaste y que tienes un hijo. felicidades, pero tio aparece MENUDO PADRE ME ECHE. JEJE - submitted by monica blanco. _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Hermana Cohen? - submitted by Carmen Perez Delgado Does anyone knows where Hna. Cohen is? We were companions in Murcia in 1985. _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder Sickles, Elder John Kerr y Elder Sanders? - submitted by Isabel Alexandre Alguien sabe que ha pasado con estos Elderes? ellos sirvieron en 1997-1998 Agradeceria informacion de ellos. Gracias. • hola Sevillana, soy rocio de Jerez. Pues el ELDER KERR, se caso con una bonita rubia y esta muy feliz. pero no se su direccion si tu la consigues enviamela besitos. - submitted by hermana vazquez • well i just saw elder sanders about two weeks ago in the institute bldg downtown ut campus. he is doing great and seems to be working at a place he enjoys. and to all the hot single ladies yep he is still single. - submitted by bobby pruneda • I used to see Elder Sanders working out at Gold's Gym in Provo, Utah. The last time I saw him there was in 2002. - submitted by Jesse Markham • Hello, I am living in Michigan finishing my masters in Architecture. If you need to contact me try my email - submitted by Forest Sickles _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Hermana Inman? - submitted by Isabel Alexandre Me gustaria saber que ha pasado con esta mujer, alguien sabe algo de ella? • Estoy en Utah. Hna, esta en Povo? Escribeme. - submitted by Hermana Inman _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to President D. Birch Larsen (1983-1984)? - submitted by Shannon Strickland President Larsen served as a witness at my wedding in the Dallas Temple in 1984. I married a fellow hermana from Cadiz (Hermana Mercedes de Pando). She is now Mercedes Strickland. _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Brady Soffe? - submitted by Larry Hall I lost contact with Brady within a year or two after we both got home from our missions. Does anyone know what that wild guy is doing these days? _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder Victor Guerrero? - submitted by Elena Sarraseca He was the Missionary that baptized me. Last I heard, he was living in Peru. I have tried to locate him but have had no luck. _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Hna. Annette Merzlock? - submitted by Elisabeth (Whaley) Pintar I was companions with her in Murcia and would love to reconnect once again. I know she was attending nursing school in Pocatello, ID - but that was in 1997/1998 • parents John L. Merzlock@ 208-237-5173 - submitted by tj merzlock _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Dale Hansen? - submitted by Jared Benson I know Dale is from Snowflake, AZ, and is married. Would love some contact info. He served roughly 92-94. Anyone know anything about this mystery man? _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Cristopher Taylor? - submitted by Claudia Chia Mora El sirvio su mision en 85/86 en Barcelona no lo he visto desde entonces y me gustaria saber que es de su vida.... _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder Eric Whueler? - submitted by Jason M Finch I served with Eric in Barcelona. Reunited with him at BYU. Lost contact 1994? Quiero saber donde se encuentra Eric. La ultima vez que le vi fue BYU en 1994 _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elderes o Hnas.que sirvieron entre 91-93? - submitted by Mª Jesus Ortega Me gustaria saber de vosotros, y recordar esos buenos tiempos.Un abrazo _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Jose Luis Garcia Molero? - submitted by Rodney Hone I baptized him in Palma de Mallorca in Oct of 1985. He Later served a mission in Seville. The last I knew he had moved to the main peninsula I think in Zaragoza, but I'm not sure. Any info would be greatly appreciated. He also had a brother Carlos whom I was also very close to. Just lost contact. • I´ve got some news about him, but it would be better to tell you by messenger or email. contact me if you are interested. - submitted by Mike Sala • Hey Honester. You had some help on that one. How are you man? Saw Jose and Carlos and all the family in 97. Carlos served a mision also and married Tersa Abellan from Barrio Badalona. Jose spent some time here in the states. I have Maribels adress in Tarragona. Thats where they live now. E-mail me. - submitted by Elder Robert Batty _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Laura Vidal Ferreras? - submitted by Angela Murdock Last I heard, she lived in Premia de Mar with her family and was baptized around 1988. _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Hna. Sara Broadbent? - submitted by Ruth Gallegos Hace cuatro años que no se de ella. Creo quevive o vivia en Las Vegas, y se caso. Quisiera que alguien me diera su mail,o telefono, lo antes posible.Gracias y besos a todos _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder Oscar Cano? - submitted by Richie Vester I last saw him on the mission. I knew he was from Texas. I'm currently down there so I thought I'd look him up. • HE IS MARRIED!!!! He came to My reception in El Paso, TX last year. He got married in August of last year. He is living in Texas. I have his phone number somewhere. I will look for it and post it. - submitted by Joseph Hupp • He is living in New Mexico. His e-mail address is: - submitted by Victor Brun _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder "Dan the man" Dan Davie? - submitted by John Cantwell Last I knew he was in medical school. I havent heard from him since. _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder Webster Beckstead? - submitted by Elder Rich Day Elder Beckstead is one of the neatest people I know. I haven't talked to him in more than 5 years, but I think about him often. If anyone knows how I can get a hold of him, I would much appreciate it. Thanks. • If you're asking about Elder James Beckstead who served from Feb 2000-Feb 2002, he is currently living in Sandy, UT and going to school. I have his email address and contact him occasionally. The last time we talked was April of 2003, and he was doing very well. Contact me for his email address! - submitted by Erin Beckstrom (now Thomas) • i came home with web in feb of 97...talked with him sometime in mar of 97. last i heard was from heather dougall - he was married and was somewhere besides oregon, where he's from. this was in 99, i think. i wonder about him, too. - submitted by beth lee ( was hurlbut) • I talked with The Webster a year ago.... HE IS STILL THE COOLEST GUY EVER!! After all he IS a tree climber... He is married and living near the capital of Oregon... He is not attending church anymore.. Elder Day if you get this... I am sure he would love to hear from you!! I will try and get his contact info for ya too--- Later - submitted by Zac Palmer _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Daryl Abbott? - submitted by joe Pawloski Where is he at? He was my ZL in Gandia and one of the funniest guys I ever met. Has anyone had a sighting? Please let me know • I was one of his first companions. I'd like to know too where he's at.... - submitted by John Cantwell • I saw Daryl soon after he got home off his mission. His parents still live in West Jordon, ut. as far as I know. - submitted by kelly • I served in Barcelona well after Daryl but met him through work. He's definitely a very funny guy. We worked for a communications company in Sandy, UT together for a couple of years and played ball a few times but I haven't seen him for over a year now. I've heard he's working out at the SL Airport now. - submitted by Steve _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder Garbero? - submitted by Mike Sala He served 1995 or 1996. I wonder where he is, so if anyone has any info please let me know. Thanks 4 all. • I ran into Elder Garbero a year and a half ago... Anyway, last I heard, he was a recruiter for the San Franciso Giants (baseball). I'm not sure what's happeneing with him now, but I'm sure he's in California. If you'd like to get a hold of him you can call Elder Derek Grant at: (703) 981-2730, he should know where he is and his contact information. - submitted by Rich Day • I stay in contact with Damian Garbero fairly often. If you would like his phone number, send me an e-mail. - submitted by Alan Last • You can contact him @ He is living in Palo Alto. - submitted by Matthew Garbero _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder Bluth, Elder Rassmunsen, Elder Kearl, Elder White, Elder Blake, Elder Smith, Elder Burgeon? - submitted by Hermana Jamie West Hey! Does anyone know any of these missionaries addresses, phone numbers or e-mails? They served in the Barcelona mission and should be home. I would like to go to their homecomings and also see if I can get in touch with them. Let me know! • I came home with all of them. I've got numbers on a couple of them. Off the top of my head, Elder Blake's e-mail is He probably has more info on the rest. - submitted by Hermana Nova Peterson • HEY ITS ME JESSE BURGON AND IVE GOT THE GOODS ON ALL THOSE AWSOME, COOL, RAD, DOWNRIGHT AMAZING ELDERS INCLUDING THE ONE AND ONLY MYSELF - submitted by JESSE BURGON _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder Millington? - submitted by Elder Alvarez Fue mi compañero en Castellon en Mayo-Julio de 1996. Acabó su misión conmigo. _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Casey Miller? - submitted by Ron Meacham perdí su nº de telf. y no he podido hablar con el durante más que un año. Agradecería toda la información que me podéis dar...un beso a todos del FARO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! • Here's his email address. - submitted by Heather Colby _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Susana & Tias Kopenhagen ? - submitted by Steven Furse I saw Susana last when I was transfered from Lleida to Tarragona in late November of 2000, same with Tais. I heard that after Tais' mom Beatriz passed away, she went back to Brasil, and that Susana would or had also gone back. Si alguien de Espana, espicificamente Lerida ha oido hablar algo de Susana Kopenhagen o su sobrina Tais y donde esten ahora, informame por favor. _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to elder cochran? - submitted by bradley burgoyne anybody know if elder cochran is home yet? let me know. thanks. • Hi, I´m a member from Alicante and Elder Cochran finished his mission here at least a month ago ! Regards =0) - submitted by Monica • Hey PA! How's it kicking - submitted by Benjamin Daniel • Elder Cochran has fallen off the face of the earth. He's supposed to be my brother in law. - submitted by abby etherington • I HUNG OUT WITH HIM LAST WEEKEND HEY DATING LIKE THE MAD MAN HE IS!!!! WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU??? - submitted by ELDER BURGON • Just keeping it real here in Provo. - submitted by Rob Cochran _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Vinas, Bouzada, Ortega? - submitted by Heather Colby Where are these girls! I want to find out what they've been up to! • pues bouzada anda en vigo, y viene de vez en cuando a madrid, viñas esta en madrid viviendo y en dos meses se va a cadiz, se casa a finales de año (creo) y ortega se casa con un muchacho de zaragoza o se caso hace poco. un besote Monica Blanco - submitted by monica blanco • Monica do you have Vina's mailing address/phone number and email? I want to get in touch with her! - submitted by HEATHER COLBY • Hola, soy Angla Bouzada!! estoy viviendo en Vigo, y trabajando en una pasteleria. Todo va muyy bien. Un saludo. Heather, si lees esto escribe. Gracias, un besito. - submitted by angla bouzada • Vi a la Hna. Ortega hace un año en Orihuela. Se casó y cuando yo estaba allì estaba muy embarazada. Se mudaron a Orihuela para estar cerca a su mamá porque su padrastro (Ricardo) murió en un accidente. - submitted by Trent Cluny • ¡¡¡La hna. Viñas se nos casa el 29 de abril!!!, felicitadla y entrad en contacto con ella en: - submitted by Juan Freire _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to elder Leer J. Beaumont? - submitted by cristina abrio la mision de Hospitalet-Barcelona donde sirvio de 1969 a 1970. estoy escribiendo la historia del barrio y necesito su ayuda _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to elder Michael R Knigth? - submitted by cristina abrio la mision de Hospitalet-Barcelona donde sirvio de 1969 a 1970. estoy escribiendo la historia del barrio y necesito su ayuda _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to elder Roger J Simpson? - submitted by cristina abrio la mision de Hospitalet-Barcelona donde sirvio de 1969 a 1970. estoy escribiendo la historia del barrio y necesito su ayuda _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to elder Robert W Dunn? - submitted by cristina abrio la mision de Hospitalet-Barcelona donde sirvio de 1969 a 1970. estoy escribiendo la historia del barrio y necesito su ayuda _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Carmelo Quirce? - submitted by Robert Bradley Me gustaria saber algo de el. • esta viviendo en madrid, su hermano es consejero de la estaca asique puedo localizarle facil y mandarte su telefono o email. - submitted by monica Blanco • The last I knew Elder Quirce was living in Madrid and was getting divorced. I think he remarried with a Brazilian Girl. That was in 1989. Thats all I know - submitted by Rod Hone _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Chris Novitzke? - submitted by Chrissy Sainsbury I am looking for Elder Novitzke's address. If anyone has it please email me. • Here is his phone#: (480) 668-7268. - submitted by AC Fallahi • contacta con Ron meacham, el sabra de el. - submitted by monica blanco • He just got married a couple of weeks ago!!! @ 05/22/04 and is livin' large in Mesa. He's still "mi heroe" Give him a call (480) 474-4369 - submitted by Meacham _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Troy Malasky? - submitted by Kenton Wride Anyone know where he is? • I know Troy from when we were kids in Pennslyvania. Troy returned from his mission and married a girl from Ogden, Utah and by 1995 had a little girl. He went to work in computers, but I haven't heard from him in some time. - submitted by John Storms • BTW, just recently exchanged emails with Troy Malasky. He is alive and well raising a family in North Carolina. - submitted by John Storms _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Hector Roman? - submitted by bradley burgoyne anyone with hector romans address????????????? its not that i want it, its that i NEED it. gracias • Hector Roman? From Elche? I might have it, and I can certainly give you contact info on people that could get it... - submitted by Sterling Juarez _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Antonia Mingorance? - submitted by Tracy Conger Elder Griffin, myself, and another elder taught her in close to 1992. She and her husband were baptized. I would love to hear about how her family is doing since she says she is too busy to write!!! • By the way, she was in Vila Seca by Tarragona. Who would have such knowledge of how she is? - submitted by Tracy Conger • I remember her. I was in her baptism, in Tarragona chapel. She was inactive about one year latter. I´ve never heard about her after that. Sorry for the bad news, Conger. - submitted by Mike Sala • I too remember Antonia...Hawkins and I opened Vila Seca. Oh the memories. Lots of hard work...but the blessings. Wha a pretty little town. - submitted by Henrichsen • Hola!! Antonia Mingorance, y su familia se inactivaron hace un par de años, siguen viviendo en Vila-Seca, y al único mienbro de la familia que he visto en alguna ocasión por Vila-Seca es a Jesica, la hija pequeña. Lo siento si las noticias no son muy agradables... - submitted by Diana Alarcón Padullès _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder Darren Johnson? - submitted by Mike Ross The last time I saw the tall skinny idaho potatoe eatin fecher was in Provo. He was married and fixin to be a school teacher? That was way back in '92. I miss him... what a great companionship we had in Zaragoza. Darren? You out there? _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elders who went to Pamplona? - submitted by Alan Whitcomb searching for Elders who served in Pamplona (now part of Mission Bilbao). The Branch just celebrated a 25th anniversary party - but we dont have many names, stories or pictures of the "early days" • I served in Pamplona in 1982, are you looking for someome at that time? - submitted by dubberly _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder Hess? - submitted by Tyler Stewart We were in Lleida together and now I dont know what has happened to him. Does anybody know? • I would like to know what happened to Elder Ryan Hess too. I heard he was at BYU-Idaho and there are two Ryan Hess' attending there, but I have received no response. - submitted by Eric Swensen • I served with Elder Hess in Andorra. I just ran into him on the BYU-Provo campus (Winter 2003). He is here... - submitted by Dustin Logan • Saw Elder Hess at the RB on BYU campus back in Sep 03. - submitted by Tyler Wharton _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Angela Navarro? - submitted by Familia Flores She was one of the Sister misisonaries that taught us in 1978, she was from American Fork (Utah) or her companion Sister Silvia Sandoval from Mendoza (Argentina) . If you by chance know anything about them please let us know.thanx _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Pte. Bota? - submitted by Josue Nielson Heard he had a heart attack and was no longer the presedente de Lleida. anyone have the e-address to the Rama? • En el ultimo Agosto visité la Rama de Tarragona (soy miembro de Zaragoza 2) y vi al Hermano Bota alli, con su Esposa. Viven en Tarragona, al lado del mar, porque es mejor para su salud. Pueden escribir a la dirección de la Capilla allí, y seguro que contestarán con información. - submitted by Miguel Sala • Hable con el Bota en Enero y la salud le va muchisimo mejor. todavia viven en Lerida unos dias de la semana, pero asisten a la capilla de Tarragona y estan alli unos dias de la semana tambien. Estan viendo las posibilidades de trabajo para mudarse hasta alla. Se le relevo de ser el Presdiente del Distrito por su salud y eso ayudo un monton. Van muy bien y animados el y la Mari Carme como siempre. - submitted by Steven Furse • El hermano Bota ya asiste a Lleida, ahora Lleida ya es barrio y tiene el llamamiento de secretario del quorum. - submitted by David Hernández • El hermano Bota ya es presidente de la rama en Andorra. Sigue viviendo en Lleida pero viaja a Andorra cada semana para tener las reuniones y tal. - submitted by Jeff Wilkins _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Ronaldo Nevares? - submitted by Dustin Stephenson Is he married yet? • Naked man??? Nevares is married and they have a little baby. He is living in Cali, and well, still the same good old Nevares. - submitted by Aaron Drussel _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Shauna DIllon, or Jana Eager? - submitted by Brenda Call The last time I saw these guys it was on the mission, if you know their whereabouts..let me know! _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Zach Brunson my daddy 2? - submitted by monica blanco servimos juntos en L'H y cuando acabo la mision se caso rapidito y desde entonces esta missing _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder Stevenson my daddy ? - submitted by monica blanco lo ultimo que se es que se caso y tiene un bebe pero de esto hace mil siglos, si alguien se sabe mas please =) • se caso y esta viviendo en Minnesota, no? - submitted by Jenni Bird _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Sandra Mendez? - submitted by Beth Dockrill me dicen que esta viviendo en Provo con Jay su marido pero nadie sabe absolutamente nada de ella. alguien puede ayudar??? • I attended her wedding in the Washington DC temple and now she is living with Jay in good ol Provo. I saw Jay a little while ago and he says she is doing just fine. She went to Colombia for a short while to visit her family. - submitted by Greg Crowther • what do you mean what happened to Hna. Mendez...where the heck have you been Dockrill?! - submitted by Jenni Bird _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Brian Harris? - submitted by Boyd L. Hansen Elder Harris was a great companion and dear friend. Any idea where he is? • Brian Harris is great as always, and living in Utah. I have forwarded your message to him, along with your email address. He married Michelle, the same one who's picture was always up in his pension. I was lucky enough to be the victim of many of his pranks, as well as his companion. We were each other's "Best Man" YEARS ago. Some of the funniest, and thought provoking emails I get are from him. He sees some things a little differently now, and we love him dearly. If he ever did anything truly awful to you, call me. I'll give you his cell phone number. 480-981-2338 (Home) 480-200-6266 (Cell) - submitted by Rick Roy • I heard he caught a strange disease in the Phillipines when he was in the marines...he's having a hard time kicking it. - submitted by Benny Uyinher _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder James C. Bird? - submitted by David McBride The last time I saw him was in the mission back in the beginning of 86. I heard one rumor that he was married to a Spaniard and living in Spain. As much as I have asked I have never heard tell of him. _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder Stephenson? - submitted by Randall Jeffs He was my companion in Torrente. He's from Layton, Utah. _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Paul Martinson? - submitted by Cris Brownlow Did Paul return to Sacramento or what? I have never been able to contact him since leaving the mission. _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to David Ririe? - submitted by Troy Witt He was my companion in L'Hospitalet. • I have a cousin David Ririe from Salinas, CA. I also have a brother David Ririe that is now 45 and went to Mexico on his mission. David is a common name amoung the Riries. Can you tell me where he is from? Steve - submitted by Steve Ririe • The David Ririe that Troy Witt seeks is from Salinas, Calif. Elder Ririe was my first "son" in the mission, and I recall that we had several discussions about John Steinbeck, who was from Salinas and who used Salinas as a backdrop for some of his short stories. I, too, would be curious to find out what became of Elder Ririe. He was studying to be some sort of astrophysicist or petrochemical engineer or some damn thing like that . . . and I always wondered whether he ended up being a seminary teacher for CES instead. - submitted by Paul Husselbee • I know the David Ririe you speak of. He is my cousin and I can find him if anyone is interested. Email me at and I'll get you in contact with him. - submitted by Steve Ririe _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to ELDER Kaohukaukuahiwikaapuawaokamehameha SPROAT? - submitted by Christie deRama-Faux Kaohu passed away about 4 years ago in a helicopter accident. He was on his way to pick up a friend. He managed to crawl out of the helicopter and despite a badly broken back, unbelievably managed tto pull out a passager. Unfortunately, he was soaked with fuel and when the chopper exploded, Kaohu and the person he had just pulled out caught fire. He died of severe burns and injuries sustained. Two other passengers managed to escape and survived. His son is now serving a Spanish speaking mission. He would have been proud of that. WE miss him terribly. • Very sorry to hear this. Elder Sproat gave me his suit as he was leaving. A very kind person. - submitted by Scott Overstreet • I am his son. I am here in the Venezuela Barcelona mission. I love it. Being here in the mission I often think about my dad and think "what kind of a missionary was he?" I never had the opportunity to really talk to him about his mission. I'd love to hear about what kind of work he did. Everything. Fun, work. Whatever comes to mind. I am doing well here. The language came fairly easy. A blessing I know. And the work goes on. So, drop me a line. - submitted by kanalu sproat • Aloha Kanalu! It's great to hear from you! I am sending you via email, some thoughts about your Dad. I hope you receive it. I just wanted to make sure you know that many of us think your Dad was a great man!! You have a great heritage. Over three centuries ago, the Spaniards sent their own missionaries to the Americas to teach the remnants of Israel a belief in Christ--the better part of the truth. In 1978, He sent YOUR dad--a descendant of royal Hawaiian blood and a kin to the Lamanites-- to Spain to gift the Spaniards the whole truth about the only true and restored church of that same Jesus Christ! Now his son serves among his kin. How can you not know that your Heavenly Father knows YOU by your name?? It was an honor to serve with your Dad. I will see your grand uncle Buzzy Sproat in Molokai come June this year. We hope to meet you in the coming times-- Kurt and Christie Faux, Henderson, Nevada - submitted by Christie deRama-Faux • Elder Sproat: Soy un compañero que tu padre tuvo en la misión. Soy español y siento no poder escribirte en inglés, aunque sé que sabes hablar español. Tu padre y yo estuvimos juntos en Pamplona y tengo unos buenos recuerdos de él. Fue un gran misionero y un excelente compañero. Siento mucho saber de su fallecimiento, pero sé que volveremos a verlo y disfrutar de él. Deseo que disfrutes de tu misión. Saludos. - submitted by Jesús Benítez • Querido amigo, cuando elder Sproat sirvio en Pamplona, yo tan solo tenia siete o quizas ocho años. Como podras pensar y todavia me acuerdo de el, causo un gran impacto en mi vida y en la de mi familia. Lo recuerdo con un gran cariño. El llamaba a mi hermanito banana porque tenia un traje de color amarillo como la fruta. El nos enseño a bailar un baile hawaiano a mi y a mis hermanas y mientras el tocaba, nosotras bailamos en una fiesta de talentos. Tu padre fue un gran misionero, de echo mis padres y mis cuator hermanos seguimos siendo miembros con nuestros respectivas familias ahora. Sigue su ejemplo y ama a la gente que te rodea para que puedan acercarse a Cristo. Todavia les canto la canciçon que nos enseño ahora a mis propios hijos. - submitted by Uxua Sanz _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Adam Clayton? - submitted by Mike "winchester" Sala He was my first companion, and a really good friend. Many years later he was Elder Henriod´s teacher and that elder is comes with some gators to Sala family´s home nights. Life goes on. Anybody heard from him? Thanks indeed. • I saw him in Texas, at his house when I was touring down there. We spent some time talking. He was going to school and working but that was 3 years ago. He was single then, but that was a long time ago (like I already said). I was his companion in Benimamet. - submitted by Lee Champion • he is in the bank U2!!!! no really he is in the salt lake area. he works at a washington mutual bank on wasatch drive near 39th south - submitted by pablo escobar • I MEANT THE BAND U2 WE ALL KNOW THEM - submitted by pablo escobar _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder Benjamin Thomas (Tomas Tomas)? - submitted by Aaron Drussel The last time I saw that backwards tied guarro he was eating bollycaos, playing his recorder, and teasing Bota in Lleida. Did he go back home to Minnesota or to school in Hawaii? The man is a mystery, so if anyone has any info please let me know. Thanks. • I have no idea where the guy is, and don't particularly want to talk to him again either, but the curiosity is overwhelming...let me know too if you know where he is or what he's up to. - submitted by Elder Perkins • Hey fellas. Visca Thomas!!!! That dude is nuts, but we had some great times. He is probably trying to get into the Catalan government and help them make a break for independence. - submitted by Elder Last • Drussel, you tell me what that "J." stands for and I won't sick Bota on you. I may have been a guarro, but you licked my sweaty gut daily. Call me. Perkins, you will always be "Russell the love muscle." I in fact DO want to talk to you. Call me anytime (650) 497-7932. Let's catch up. Blair Carlson goes to the Stanford Singles Ward. I have good stories. Last, I'm still addicted to Weezer thanks to you. Since learning about Eye Patch Matt and the Swashbucklers I have learned to play the guitar (pretty darn well I might add). I hope you're still blasting power chords. We'll jam sometime. - submitted by I'm right here. • yo lo unico que se esque su e-mail es - submitted by David Hernández _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder Phil Emery? - submitted by Dan Ulmer Did he go back to the navy? • he got married and is finishing up at westpoint - submitted by Tom Doxey _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to President David Doxey? - submitted by Merrill Clark Actually I know the answer. He was recently called as the new Madrid Temple President per the Church News. • Yep, he is here in Madrid and he is going to seal us in 5 weeks time! - submitted by Beth Dockrill • el presidente Doxey es actualmente el presidente del templo de madrid - submitted by David Hernández • Elder F. Burton Howard spoke in our stake conference last week (Augsut14, 2005). He will become the new Madrid Temple President in Sept 2005; so I guess President Doxey will be leaving soon. - submitted by Susan Hilton (Andersen) _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder David Cabrerra? - submitted by Phil Zobrist Last time I saw Elder Cabrerra was when he got on the train in Elche (Elx) to leav for home. Haven't seen or heard from him since. I assume he went home to Malaga. If anyone has any info or an e-mail address, please let me know. Thanks. _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder Hector Roman? - submitted by Bradley Burgoyne I miss that bald headed mexican....has anybody heard anything at all since he left spain? who knows what he could be up to.... • he's in houston and doing great. he was in some sort of nursing school or something like that. - submitted by Tom Doxey • could anyone maybe give me this vato's direction? - submitted by Joshua Nielson • I heard he's got a real smooth gun - submitted by Jacob Unguren • ...And a pimped-out ride - submitted by Joshua Nielson _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Elder Angerbauer? - submitted by Brad (Elder) Ober Hey anybody heard from him? Any contact info? If so let me know. • Elder Fallahi keeps up with him... email him at , i'm sure he can put you in touch with Elder Angerbauer. - submitted by Tim Boisvert • Spence is engaged to married on December 17. He's doing awesome. Llama para felicitarle al 801.272.6661 - submitted by Anthony Fallahi _________________________________________________________________________________
Whatever happened to Maria Elena Bouso? - submitted by Tim Boisvert Last I heard, she had moved from that pueblo west of Granollers and was living in Barcelona somewhere. Anybody heard anything from her?
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